Passive income. How to start earning money (and not being afraid of lack of money)


Passive income. How to start earning money (and not being afraid of lack of money) In the world of big money and financial well-being, there are only 2 real terms that refer to money. The first is the "big 5", and the second is the "little 5".This means that the better you are (in terms of IQ and education), the more money you can bring to your wallet.In this article, we will talk about how to learn how to "make friends" with your money to earn money (and not worry about lack of money forever). In the world of money and high incomes, there are only 2 real terms that refer to macroeconomists:1) " Big " Money and "little" money.The term "rich" also implies a certain amount of social capital (i.e., a certain amount of capital in the form of a personal account or business). social capital). In the macro world, "rich" refers to a private investor with an investment account with a strictly fixed amount of money. Thus, the term "rich" implies a certain amount of "liquidity" or, to speak strictly, a certain amount of capital. 2) " Ric "personality.A person with such a "psychology" is able to make intelligent decisions about his money.He has a strong financial "driver" that makes him act in the best/efficient way. the best possible way. This also includes the ability to "make friends" with money and get good financial results. result. 3) Variation in the stock market.Imagine that you are now 51 years old.Which one do you think is the most powerful person in the world? That it would be interesting to know… A person with a brain of 50 or even 50 years old would be a fascinating person. But if you ask any of them, "who is the most powerful person in the world right now", they will not answer you.Because no one has yet found such a person. 4) Financial literacy.The first and most important step to become a truly rich person is to learn how to handle money properly.You need to understand how your money works and how it can be used to make money.This is the only way to truly understand how to handle your money:Otherwise, even with a small amount, you risk running into the "hole" of the financial "toad" that lies between you and money.5) Invest in your health.Your health is your own asset that you can lose or gain. No matter how much your income is shrinking right now, you need to spend more time on it.Also, spend more time on anti-cancer medication and get yearly physical examinations.6) Invest in your health.Take care of your body. Eat well. Exercise daily. Meditate.And most importantly, make a decision


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